Conversations in the community 

It's important for us to ensure that our work continues to have a positive impact within the community, and that we stay connected with local people. 

Hina, community member and volunteer

Hina moved to the Grahame Park estate in 2018. When she first moved here, she didn’t know anyone and struggled with low confidence. However, since becoming involved with Colindale Communities Trust she has taken part in a range of different courses including crafts, sewing, and a social research qualification.

“The CCT is a really good information point, whether you’re a volunteer or customer. You get to have a laugh and meet people from the community; it helps you with your confidence. The help that I get here is brilliant.”

More recently, Hina joined Colindale Communities Trust as a volunteer at the One Stop Shop reception, supporting other members of her community…

“Helping people is a good way to find out people’s struggles and see things from a different point of view. It helped me realise that I can do lots to help people, and it also makes me appreciate the good things in my life.”

Hina is now also leading an initiative to set up a regular Community Lunch event, with the aim of bringing the local community together at weekends.  

“I want to leave something behind and know that I was the driving force behind it. And I’m hoping that people will share my passion of wanting the community to come together.

Just continue bringing the community together, whoever you are and wherever you’re from!”